Scroll on

If your a perfect Christian keep scrolling.

I am not.

I am Human.

I stumble.

I fall.

I crawl… until I can stand..

…until I can walk, again.

There is one thing I will NEVER do and that is GIVE UP.

Jesus see’s me and meets me right where I am at.

You don’t want to?

I am ok with that.

I am in Gods hands,

His lost lamb.

Found, again, and again,

As He is my Savior, and my

very best friend.

It is not the end because

I made a mistake,

No one can mess with

His ultimate fate.

So if it takes a little more time,

more time to learn, more time to grow,

Then I will have more to offer,

more compassion to show.

God has a plan.

I don’t need to step out of His way,

God has a plan,

All I need to do is hold his hand.

If  you don’t agree,

That’s ok with me,

I will say it again my friend,

Just keep scrolling.

man holding sheep statuette
Photo by Pixabay on

Like I said, keep scrolling. ✌️☮️😘💨💞✝️


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