God’s Miraculous Song


There’s a need to trust God in this orchestra called life.

Loving neighbor as self, living to enlight.

Once learning this music of God’s miraculous song,

Go on and go out and pass it along.

But what do you do during trials of faith?

When the heart-ache and sorrow is too much to face?

God watches in silence as you turn away

Ashamed to feel fear, too ashamed to pray.

God’s miraculous song, that music you once heard

Is now clouded with doubt, insecurity and hurt.

But God doesn’t just watch, He sends love your way,

Courage and strength for another day

Put down that shame, to you it does not belong

Instead hear the music of God’s miraculous song.

Learn the steps to His dance and

Praise God you again have,

His means to enhance.organ-church-music-organ-whistle-161213.jpeg


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