Slow to Anger


“Dear Jesus, Please help me to think before I speak,

let not my anger throw away all that you teach.  I desire so

strongly to tame my tongue,

to turn my will over, have your will be done.

Please take my pain, take my scars of my past.

Help me silence my mind so I can relax.

I give up all who I am to come to your cross,

For the Lord is my shepard, I shall not want.

I surrender to you, yet stumble and fall,

while I am down on my knees, I pray teach me to crawl.

For  to walk as a Christian is so hard to bare,

to hear your unworthy, feels like nobody cares.

Its the spiritual warfare the devil trys to win,

through our humanness nature to sin.

Satan I rebuke you! I belong to Jesus Christ.

I may be unworthy, but my heart is right.

I must remember daily, the armor of God.

For I know I am broken, I know I am flawed.

I will never give up and I will never let go,

to learn my next lesson, to anger, be slow.

Thank you for being paitent dear Lord.

I praise you, I love you, you are my world.

Your work in me wont come to an end,

I trust you and thank you, In Jesus name, Amen.”

woman kneeling at cross


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