From Sorry to Saved


Twisting and turning the devils heart burning I walked this world alone.

My troubled soul aching, the whole world taking, I had no place called home.

My world fell apart.  There was no place to start, I fell to my knees and prayed.

“Please Dear God save me, I dont want to live this way”

I begged for forgiveness with every ounce of my faith.

Although no one told me my soul knew the truth, I had been saved.

Only by God’s mercy, God’s love and His perfect grace,

I got to live another day.pexels-photo-267559.jpeg



One thought on “From Sorry to Saved

  1. Hallelujah!! As we each get to live more days of our lives, knowing Christ, and serving Him and others.
    We have that free gift that is offered to all who believe. Everyone likes “freebies”, why do so many refuse this gift of eternal life?

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